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Hello, Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi and welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by. My name is Hunter-Michael Hutchins and I am the owner of Hunter's Can Business. I collect and recycle old cans and all types of metal. I like to take a portion of my money earned and donate to local non profit businesses, hospitals and charitable organizations when I can. Also, I collect beverage can tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Any items that I get that cannot be repurposed or recycled for money will be properly recycled as well.

I hope that we can work together in the future. If you have any old or unwanted  scrap metal and/or metal related items that you wish to unload, then I'm your little guy! Please feel free to contact me (and my Daddy, John-Michael) to schedule a pick-up or if you have additional questions.

More About Hunter-Michael

Hunter's Can Business is owned by Hunter-Michael Hutchins, who is 12, and attends Perry Meridian Middle School located in Perry Township in South Indianapolis, IN. He began his business when he was 5 years old by collecting metal at his home and receiving metal from close family and friends. Through the years, Hunter-Michael has grown his business to the point he owns a pickup truck (that he paid for with his money earned from recycling metal type items). Also, he continues to pay for all expenses associated with owning a pickup truck such as gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. He has created his own business logo and flyer, has developed business clients and individual clients, has a website with business email, purchases tools and equipment to yield better return for the metal items he recycles (i.e. he has purchased a wire stripper to produce clean copper so he can receive anywhere from $2.25 - $4.00 per pound rather than only receiving between $1.00 - $2.25 per pound), and provides annual reporting for his business clients. To summarize, Hunter-Michael has a self-sufficient business minus the fact he needs his dad or mom to drive, pick up heavy items, and help with potentially dangerous tools.


Hunter-Michael has recently expanded his service offerings to now providing opportunities to work with other organizations to provide fundraising opportunities. Initially in 2017, Hunter-Michael had established a 50/50 program with other children within his neighborhood, friends, and with players with his youth soccer club, where if they provide metal, he will split the money made equally with them. From this concept and more importantly Hunter-Michael's kindness and caring for others, he is now offering a 50/50 fundraising program to organizations.

An example of Hunter-Michael's stewardship for his community and others is as follows: In April 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was ramping up Hunter-Michael made the request to his parents that he would like to donate the money that would have been spent on his birthday party in May 2020 and not receive as many presents so he could donate that money to Covid-19 first responders. He initially received $150 from his parents for his donation effort, but then he decided to take $50 from birthday money he received from family and $20 from his business and used this $220 to donate to Franciscan Health Alliance located on the southeast side of Indianapolis. From this idea and act he then created a short YouTube video requesting others to contribute to his Covid-19 relief efforts thus receiving approximately $2,200 which was donated to Franciscan Health Alliance at the beginning of July 2020. From this initial donation


he has since raised approximately $8,100+ and still counting from donations of metal, money, and Lowe's corporate donation to assist with his efforts and his business. He has not only donated over $6,300 and counting to Franciscan Health Alliance but has also donated to the Circle City Foundation's Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) fundraising efforts, FBI Agents Associations fundraising efforts, Kick For The Cure - Breast Cancer fundraising efforts, pop tabs to Ronald McDonald House, University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, IN) Men's Soccer Program, and other non profit community organizations. Hunter-Michael has been doing great things which will continue or until he decides he needs to take a break so he can focus on his professional soccer / hockey career when he is older.

Meet Some of Hunter-Michael's Clients

Ryan Owens:Allstate

Varinder Pabla: Allstate

Adult & Child Health

Stewart Tire & Auto

Truetech Services

Court's Yard & Greenhouse

Clawson Communications

Rosita's Mexican Restaurant

Reeder's Auto Services

Home Health of St. Mary's

Meet Some of Hunter-Michael's Giving To Organizations

Franciscan Health Alliance Indianapolis

Circle City Foundation (LLS) - Total of 309 lbs (90% of that was aluminum cans) 

FBI Agents Association - Total of 17 lbs (97% of that was aluminum cans)

Kick For The Cure

University of Saint Francis (IN) Men's Soccer Program

Habitat for Humanity

St. Francis Soccer Club - Total of 2,240 lbs of various metal | yielding $345

Hoosier Hockey Invitational - Total of 32 lbs (100% aluminum cans)

Meet Some of Hunter-Michael's Partners

OmniSource Corporation (West Street Location)

Technology Recyclers

Big Jon's Used Appliances

Ronald McDonald's House - Total Pop Tabs donated 6 lbs (apx. 10,260 - 10,320 tabs)

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