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Here are the types of metal related items that I take to either repurpose, donate or recycle. Please keep in mind pretty much anything that is not considered hazard waste (as long as recyclers will accept it) we will take it (this includes any type of metal [as small as a bottle cap to as large as an automobile], items that require batteries or gas, and/or items that have a cord). Any items that I get that cannot be repurposed, donated or recycled as a metal related item will be properly recycled. Learn more about me here...

Beverage Cans

I'll take any type of beverage can, soda, beer, tall and short! Please rinse.

Food Cans

Are you done with that soup can? I'll take it, please! I'll take any kind of non beverage metal cans.

Please rinse.

Broken & Unwanted Metal

Do you have scrap metal or old unwanted metal laying around? I'll take that off your hands.


Do you have old electronics laying around collecting dust? I'll take all electronics too! There is a $20 per TV charge due to the fees from the  recycler that I use.

Gutters, Siding & Flashing

Are you or have you done some remodeling? I can help you by taking all of these materials.

Cords & Wires

There's a lot of copper components in cords and wires. I'll take all cords and wires off your hands!

Pots & Pans

If you have pots and pans or other kitchen metal related items that are no longer good to cook or eat with, send them my way!


If your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, stove, dishwasher is no longer working or outdated, I'll take them off your hands too!

Old Hardware & Tools

Do you have old and broken tools or buckets of extra hardware laying around? I'll take these as well!


I'll take anything from lug nuts to the whole vehicle, from a jack to metal ramps. There's nothing to big or small.

Lawn & Garden

From lawn mowers to fire pits, to shovels and rakes. I'll take all things lawn and garden metal related no matter the condition.

Scrap Metal

Do you have scrap metal laying around, taking up space. It's time to get rid of it. I'll gladly take your scraps. This covers anything not specifically mentioned.


We take all things metal and things that take batteries, have cords or wires.

If you would like to help or have any questions, please contact me and my Daddy.

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